This will be a new offshoot on my site in stories about another sphere, which is called Chiromathia. Chiromanti I (from the Greek Cheir "manteia hand" divination "," prophecy "is one of the oldest sciences on earth that arose at the dawn of human civilization.This is a peculiar form of prediction and prophecy, anticipating the characteristics of the character, his mental qualities, certain inclinations, his state of health , future vicissitudes or happy turns to his fate and life along the lines of the hand, drawings, folds and bumps on his palms, as well as the shape of the hands of fingers and nails.
There has been a dispute for a long time already, and even now there are still discussions about whether chiromancy is really science, or is it simply quackery and fraud,
You can not answer your own palms yourself.
Most of the work on which I relied, later described, in addition to my personal experience, from the works of well-known German specialists in the study of chiromancy of Dr. Pomer Kreis Isberner-Khaldane Oettinger, the French prophetess Tab, the works of DB Dal, a member of the Riga Society for Psychical Research A. Vrede, the Russian researcher IM Kozhukhovsky from other European and Indian sources The task of palmistry as well as any other prediction or fortune telling can not come in order to predict the possible e event for you to change your future, how to entice you to take timely action to arm yourself before your impending danger and take steps to avoid it in the most positive direction in your life. Since the signs on your palms, no matter how they are, when you do this, when you do this, when I make a distribution to my clients, I explain that any deal with the development of the future in a situation is not a verdict at all in your life, just a map to see that you would not be able to take any action. So here in palmistry, the lines on your hand warn you only about possible development, but in no way claim exactly.
Knowledge of the palms when working with them, some important function, what palm and what hand should you look at: left or right? The answer is really very simple, and the one for the palmist plays the same role in the diagnosis process, both palms are important. The left one is called passive, or negative, and it matters about your innate inclinations. The right one has the name of active, or positive, and potential effectiveness in your life, shows the opportunities that can be achieved by you, what opportunities you can achieve in this state or in completely changing your life or life events. If cutting and speaking a little easier, the left is what is given to you by fate at birth, all possible developments, and the right is the future, than you can use for yourself under certain circumstances.

In fact, the study of hands is a very complex and painstaking process for a specialist in palmistry, which requires a comprehensive analysis of absolutely all the elements that make up your hands, and all the signs even the smallest from the largest to the smallest details that are located on their internal surfaces of the palms. There is absolutely inadmissible haste and speed in the diagnostics that many want to get, because only the total knowledge of all signs and lines will allow to diagnose everything correctly and draw certain conclusions for you.
Do not be afraid if you see on your hand any unfavorable signs for your life. You need to know: they can have a fateful meaning for you only when they are, firstly, on both your hands and secondly, even when this condition is on your hands, there are no any softening signs to prevent such a negative development of events or of the situation.
In addition, the most significant factor is that one dangerous sign is still not enough to predict unhappiness and conclude that it will necessarily happen, because already other signs can weaken this value, and even completely reduce its effect to naught. You can often be avoided and circumvented by the misfortune that threatens you, it is good enough to investigate the reasons that can be hidden in the mounds of lines on the hand, the configuration of certain elements and their quality, in figures and signs. Even if you see a lot of menacing omens and signs on your hand you will always be able, if desired, and with a reasonable attitude to your life to your own health and the measures you take in a timely manner if you do not completely avoid the impending blow of fate, in any case, weaken its strength and make it less threatening for I'll.
The examined hand during diagnosis should be absolutely free not too extended forward and necessarily dry. To study the hand according to the opinion of many palmists should not be earlier than an hour after eating.